Using Social Media to Spread Hunger Awareness in Tennessee

The fight against hunger is an every day challenge for 1 in 6 people who live in Tennessee. Luckily, people are pulling together with the assistance of social media to help spread People are using social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram which has allowed individuals to connect with one another and share ways of collecting and distributing food to families who cannot afford to buy groceries.
Rural Resources is a company that offers children, teenagers, and adults the chance to learn how to grow and make their own food. All of the information regarding Rural Resources can be found on their Facebook page. Social media has allowed the company to expand and reach people who would otherwise not know that there is a community garden where they can learn to be self sufficient when it comes to growing their own food. With 1,764 likes and a 5 out of 5 star rating the company stands well on social media. While school is in session, students are brought out to the farm to learn about animals and how they are utilized for the land and for food while also learning about how to accurately grow vegetables and fruits. For those who are interested in learning more during the summer people can take classes and be taught by the staff at Rural Resources how to maintain a garden and make the most out of the produce.


Melissa Reboltz is a farmer in Greeneville, Tennessee who uses social media as a way to broadcast her efforts as a farmer. Reboltz has created a following of 9,106 on her Instagram account where she posts pictures of her daily life on her farm along with honest captions. Facebook has given Reboltz a platform to be able to share with the people in her community about dinners that she hosts at her farm. There are 463 people who follow her Facebook page, which has been given a 5 star rating. Her posts are articles that she has written that can be found at her Eating Greeneville website. Melissa’s efforts to feed her community and teach them about producing their own food gives people tools to help them feed their families. She offers recipes and classes to go along with the produce that she grows from her own gardens. Empowering the people in her community to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands gives them the power to create a healthier future for their children.


The infographic below demonstrates key concepts in building a community on social media.


Infographic created by Ashley Coffey via

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