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A Therapist’s Desire to Serve

A Therapist’s Desire to Serve from Ashley Coffey on Vimeo.

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Burn out rates in occupations lead to eventual mental rundown or inevitable career changes. The passion to serve others through a specific choice of occupation may come as a personal risk for some individuals. People who are in careers that are heavily dependent on mental health have to focus on self-care techniques. It is important for every person who is fervent about serving others to remain aware that they are just as susceptible to become overworked, and that there are avenues to combat the mental stress.

Ken Brewer has a master’s degree in clinical psychology with a concentration in drug and alcohol counseling. After two years of working as a therapist, he began to realize that he lacked the tools he needed in order to combat the personal stress of conducting therapy. At the same time as running therapy with drug addicts and court ordered individuals, Brewer demonstrated an interest in teaching college students. He could tell a clear difference between people who want to learn and people who have no desire to be served. Through his experience he realized that service is what makes a person good at what they do. Mr. Brewer mentions that by living a spiritually healthy lifestyle, service is exponentially granted. In his psychology classes he teaches students about the importance of self-care while having a career as a therapist. Brewer’s passion for serving others through teaching shows that service to others can only be properly done when people are mentally capable of giving themselves away and how it can benefit others.


To those who are burning out of their current career because of their servant like personalities, try to incorporate self-care habits into a daily routine. It can be dangerous to stay in an unhealthy career. Burning out not only debilitates a person’s mental health, but it also can ruin careers, relationships, and physical health. It is critically important to remain aware and indulge in healthy career choices.

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Achieving Childhood Dreams: Beverly Barnett

Choosing a career can be difficult. The struggle to find a career that provides a combination of a sense of personal accomplishment and financial dependability lessens when a person has knowledge about their own desires. A way to determine a fitting profession is by looking back to a person’s childhood and determining what was particularly fascinating to them as a child. The imagination of a child holds a key to what would make them happiest as an adult; regardless of the financial stability that one would hope comes along with a personal passion. The one thing about following a childhood dream is that there is a great potential of turning a job that starts out with low income into a booming business because of the personal drive that is put behind making the dream come to life.





Created by: Ashley Coffey via piktochart.com

When children are asked what they want to be when they grow up their answer more than likely stems from the knowledge of careers that are presently exposed to them. A child who is gunning to be a firefighter or a doctor may have the desire to pursue this career because of a mention or a career of a family member or family friend. There are some exceptions to this rule which is proven to be true by Beverly Barnett, who is the head flight instructor and founder at Advanced Flight in Johnson City, Tennessee, says, “When I was young, I fell in love with flying, and so I pursued aviation and I loved that forever. I’ve been involved in aviation since I was a young teenager”. Barnett’s parents were more inclined to encourage her to “go to church and to go to work, but they never put any emphasis on creating a type of career”. As a young girl, Barnett found herself in a position where she was able to learn how to fly airplanes by researching what she loved and falling into the hands of people who steered her in the right direction. By following her childhood dream, Barnett has had “the opportunity to meet many, many nice people and to also help many people”. Now she has created a life long career out of her childhood passion that has generated an abundance of friendships, created jobs for her community, and provided financial stability throughout her life.


Many people feel that destiny is the cause of success in business and in life. This may be the case on some level, but without an understanding of the desires that one has during their youth, a person may never discover a career that is fulfilling to an exponential degree. Linking the creativity of a child’s mind with the abilities of an adult mindset and tools, a career can be both fulfilling and rewarding. This does not mean that hardships will not come about, if anything, there will be tough times that lay ahead when following an aspiration, but the outcome will be far more worth the effort once a dream career is achieved.