Open Your Heart and Home for Sgt Pepper’s Friends

Sgt Pepper’s Friends is an organization established by Rachel Brathen that is designed to find homes for homeless dogs and cats in Aruba. This rescue mission makes it possible for people who live in Aruba, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Sweden who are interested in opening their homes to a furry friend.

Rachel Brathen holding her dog, Ringo, while he smiles for the camera.                  Source:     

The dogs and cats that are up for adoption have been rescued from euthanization and starvation. Their lives have been difficult and testing. Choosing to adopt a pet through Sgt Pepper’s Friends is an outstanding and selfless way to give back to the world by creating a space to give love to a precious animal that has only known a life of neglect.


Rachel Brathen (left) and her husband Dennis Shovenfield (right) are holding a puppy that was a part of Sgt Pepper’s Friends.                                                   Source:

If a donation is all that can be done in this moment, Sgt Pepper’s Friends will use the proceeds to continue to fund the organization by providing resources to animals that are waiting for adoption. By stepping up and contributing to the cause shows a sense of responsibility to the animals with which we share this world. The compassion of giving sends the message that all animals in the world deserve an appreciated existence.

Contact Sgt Pepper’s Friends website for further information on how to take home a loving dog or cat!

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