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Residents in Tennessee are working together to create solutions that will bring an end to childhood hunger. There are resources geared towards helping Tennesseans find ways to put food on the table. With programs like No Kid Hungry, Cooking Matters, and local fundraisers children are being fed one meal at a time. By working together, communities in Tennessee can continue to raise awareness and generate results in the battle against hunger.

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The No Kid Hungry campaign has created over 34 million meals for children throughout the state of Tennessee. Last year alone, No Kid Hungry generated 3.8 million meals to children. Their outreach is continuing to grow thanks to social media. Donations are always welcome, especially during the summer months when children are more likely to go without food since they do not have access to meals provided by school. Partnerships are also created in order to get children excited about stepping into the kitchen to make healthy meals.
Luckily, Tennesseans have multiple opportunities when it comes to finding ways to use money wiser when making grocery lists. Cooking Matters is a website dedicated to teaching families how to shop smart and how to cook healthy meals. All of the information located on the website provides amble knowledge about preparing nutritious meals. The tips provided aim to take the financial stress away from grocery shopping. Cooking Matters aims to provide families with the tools they need in order to make wise decisions at the grocery store and healthy decisions for their children.


There is an event coming up that will help to promote Second Harvest Food Bank and show what kinds of food can be cooked by using produce from local farms. On August 4, 2016 The Farmer and The Chef is teaming up with Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee to host a dinner for the annual food bank fundraiser in Jonesborough, Tennessee from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Local chefs and farmers will be coming together to create dishes that are prepared by locally grown produce. The proceeds will be used to help feed people who are without food in the communities surrounding East Tennessee.


Step by step Tennesseans will close the gap on childhood hunger. By making connections, promoting events, and generating donations there will be strides taken to raise awareness and put food on the table for those who are in need. It is good news to know that there are ways to create a healthy generation in Tennessee.





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