Connecting Through Social Media Provides Solutions to Hunger in Tennessee

Tennessee has an ongoing hunger crisis that is connecting people throughout the state for the purpose of finding ways to provide communities with food solutions. In East Tennessee there are farmers, volunteers, and government workers that are working hard to keep families from going hungry. Anyone who is interested in finding more information about how they can help provide food for their communities can find information about these organizations and who to contact through designated social media accounts.


Sally Causey is the executive director of Rural Resources in Greeneville, Tennessee. Causey is familiar with the ins and outs of farming. She is knowledgeable about the efforts needed in order to teach people within her community about the benefits of homegrown produce. As the director, she hosts many events that create revenue for Rural Resources so that they are able to continue to provide garden grown food to the community. These events bring the community together to share the importance of health and the happiness that farm-to-table food brings to the people who work hard to provide the produce. The awareness that Sally promotes through her work reaches people who are capable of financially supporting the efforts of Rural Resources.


Another woman who stands out in the farming community in Greeneville, Tennessee is Melissa Reboltz. Reboltz has been a farmer for 8 years and is well versed when it comes to discussing the importance of farming for her community. She hosts events at her house where her farm is located. These events include dinners made by Melissa from her home grown produce. Melissa is aware that bringing people together to show them what they can create, a sense of community, through farming generates the motivation to share successful farming with people who can help put an end to hunger in Tennessee. On Saturdays, Melissa has a booth at the Jonesborough Farmers Market where she sells what she grows in her garden.


Additionally, Greeneville County Ministries is a food pantry where families located in Greene County can go and apply to acquire food. Carmen Ricker is the director of the program, which includes housing and funding for health procedures. Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee is a leading provider for the organization. They provide food especially for children during the months that school is not in session. Second Harvest holds events in East Tennessee to bring awareness to families on how to prepare the produce and food that is designated to them.


Utilizing social media is an effective way to spread the word about avenues that can be taken to keep a child or a family from going without food. Connecting and communicating with farmers and people who are in these providing organizations is one step in closing the gap between hunger and a sound solution to resources for the families in Tennessee.

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