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Ashley Coffey / Photo by Peter Rodriguez
My name is Ashley Coffey. I am 24 years old. I graduated with a bachelors degree in clinical psychology. I attend Full Sail University's online master's program for new media journalism. In the future, I plan on continuing my career as a journalist and a SUP yoga instructor in Aruba. This website is about creating and sharing ideas, and displaying products that are conducive to a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. My free time is spent meditating and yoga. I have a cat named Minal that has taught me many things about connecting with the creatures that live in this world with us. I identify with positive outlooks, an appreciationĀ for different perspectives, and a healthy obsession with handmade jewelry. There is something intriguing about delving into a lifestyle that includes the goals of happiness and fulfillment through personal discoveries and simple pleasures. View Ashley Coffey'sĀ media kit! Enjoy!