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Melissa Reboltz Feeds Her Community

Melissa Reboltz Feeds Her Community from Ashley Coffey on Vimeo.

In Tennessee, 1 in 6 people are not able to provide their families with food to eat. Poverty has a big role to play in to the reasons why people in Tennessee are struggling with hunger. Melissa Reboltz, who is originally from New York, knows what it is like to work hard to provide produce for herself and for her community in East Tennessee. For 8 years she has studied and practiced the ins and outs of farming the land in order to cultivate food for herself and the communities that she has worked in.

Front porch of Melissa’s farm house (Photo by Ashley Coffey)
View of Melissa’s garden (Photo by Ashley Coffey)
Melissa watering her garden (Photo by Ashley Coffey)

Melissa lives on a farm in Greeneville, Tennessee that she has worked hard to maintain. She has two gardens on her property. On Saturdays, she has a booth at the Jonesborough Farmers Market where she sells what she grows in her garden to the community. Melissa is also connected with the Airbnb where people can pay to stay in an apartment or home, much like renting a hotel, but better. Reboltz offers to serve her guests meals that are straight from her garden.

Little farm house created by Melissa for Airb&b (Photo by Ashley Coffey)
Bedroom inside of Airb&b farmhouse (Photo by Ashley Coffey)
Community Human Interest Lifestyle

Hensley Airpark Puts on a Show

Hensley Airpark Puts on a Show from Ashley Coffey on Vimeo.

On June 11, 2016 Hensley Airpark located in Chuckey, Tennessee invited locals and anyone interested to come to the private airstrip for an entertaining afternoon. The Wings & Wheels Fly-In event drew in a crowd. Airplanes landed one by one on the airstrip and were parked neatly in the grass fields. Friendly pilots were more than willing to give visitors information regarding their airplanes and their motivations behind such an investment. Mazda Miata’s rolled in on their four wheels and caught the eyes of all those who attended the event.

Hensley Airpark is a flying community that comes complete with a private airstrip and grass landing strip. All homeowners are required to be private pilots.

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Home Built Ultralight To Be Displayed At Wings & Wheels Fly-In

Home Built Ultralight To Be Displayed At Wings & Wheels Fly-In from Ashley Coffey on Vimeo.

On June 11, 2016 Hensley Airpark in Chuckey, Tennessee will be hosting a “Wings & Wheels Fly-In.” The event will be showcasing airplanes, antique cars, and Mazda Miatas. There will be wine tastings, music, and food.


Tom Tschantz will be showcasing his homemade Model 3 Kitfox Tweety Bird ultralight airplane at the event. Tschantz has built three ultralights up to this point. “It’s a joy to fly, I’m telling you. It just jumps off the ground,” says Tschantz.


The event starts at 8:00am and will be open to the public.